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created:Sun 01 Sep 2019
edited:Sun 01 Sep 2019

Migration einer Bibliothek zu Koha

Die Bibliothekssoftware der Waldorfschule Uhlandshöhe lief bis jetzt mit einer Software "Library for Windows". Das Betriebssystem war noch Windows XP. Beim Migrieren zu Koha wurden einige Hindernisse wie Buchmigration, Benutzerdatenmigration, Ausleihgeschichtenmigration und noch einiges mehr angegangen. Da es nicht wirklich eine export Funktion für die alte Software gibt, habe ich ein Programm in `Python` geschrieben, welches die Datenbank (`DBF`) zu sqlite konvertiert und dann diese direkt nach `MARC21`.

created:Sat 15 Feb 2014
edited:Thu 01 Aug 2019

Git – a small user guide

Git is a nice tool to manage one's source code as well as tons of other files. There are hundreds of git HOWTOs already out there but this one is mine. I just setup my git as I'm used to it.

created:Sun 06 Apr 2014
edited:Thu 01 Aug 2019

Html export theme for Digikam

One of my first project that I did for the web was a website for the farm of my parents Demeterhof Silberberg back then I decided to generate a static html gallery using Digikam. To adjust the theme and look to my site I wrote my own export theme. I learned a lot of xml, xmltransform and html during that project.

Maybe publishing this will help someone I think its in a quite sane state and nicely coded. The Readme is attached below for more information and the code see the project at GitHub

created:Sun 12 Apr 2015
edited:Thu 01 Aug 2019

Setting up a Minecraft server using Systemd

Minecraft is a well liked sandbox game that can provide hours and days of gaming fun especially if it is on a server with multiple players.

In this article I will describe the setup I used. The important parts of the setup are:

  • spigot as the server
  • Fedora 28 is the OS I'm on
  • systemd including service file and "sandboxing"
  • firewalld to block and open ports
  • mcrcon for connecting to the running instance
  • java-openjdk for - you know - minecraft
created:Fri 29 May 2015
edited:Thu 01 Aug 2019

Minecraft Server Command Center Script

When the server is set up with systemd and rcon it is still quite cumbersome to connect to the command promt.

To get a nice and slick command center I created a bash script that opens up a tmux session with two panes. The first pane contains the the already logged in command promt of the minecraftserver and the second pane contains the last 40 journal entries and updates live if anything new is coming.

created:Mon 27 Aug 2018
edited:Thu 01 Aug 2019

Creating a minecraft map with overviewer

Minecraft-Overviewer is a minecraft mapcreator and viewer for webpages.

In this guide we setup an automatic rendering server based on: