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created:Sat 15 Feb 2014
edited:Fri 30 Oct 2015

Git – a small user guide

Git is a nice tool to manage ones source code as well as tons of other files. There are hundrets of git howtos already out there but this one is mine. I just setup my git as I'm used to it.

created:Sun 12 Apr 2015
edited:Sat 25 Aug 2018

Setting up a Minecraft server using Systemd

Minecraft is a well liked sandbox game that can provide hours and days of gaming fun especially if it is on a server with multiple players.

In this article I will describe the setup I used. The important parts of the setup are:

  • spigot as the server
  • Fedora 28 is the OS I'm on
  • systemd including service file and "sandboxing"
  • firewalld to block and open ports
  • mcrcon for connecting to the running instance
  • java-openjdk for - you know - minecraft
created:Mon 27 Aug 2018
edited:Mon 27 Aug 2018

Creating a minecraft map with overviewer

Minecraft-Overviewer is a minecraft mapcreator and viewer for webpages.

In this guide we setup an automatic rendering server based on: